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Paint Spray Booths

ICAN™ Project Photos:

Drive-through spray booth.

Drive-through spray booth.

Paint spray booth.

Paint spray booth.

Single-station industrial paint booth.

Single-station industrial paint booth.

Application photos are used by permission of members of the Industrial Clean Air Network and are copyrighted by their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Every member distributor of the Industrial Clean Air Network offers a complete selection of containment booths. Please ask your regional supplier about the product lines offered.

Even if a specific product is not available, your supplier may still be able to assist you with the needed service, or provide a comparable or even upgraded system.

Uses of Paint Spray Booths

Controlling Overspray. Available in all sizes, from portables for industrial parts finishing to drive-through automotive booths 30' deep, paint / spray booths contain and remove harmful paint fumes and overspray. Built to comply with OSHA and NFPA regulations, spray booths are constructed of heavy-duty steel, with controlled air-flow, multi-stage filtration, and integral illumination.

Types of contaminants collected by paint spray booths include overspray, dust, and fumes from automotive and industrial finishing applications.

Industrial processes that benefit from the use of spray booths include automotive finishing, truck and heavy equipment finishing, industrial production painting, powder coating, paint mixing, and wood finishing.

Advantages of Paint Spray Booths

  • Contains Overspray / Harmful Fumes Within the Enclosed Work Area. Spray booths provide the containment needed to fit the application, from open-face to complete-seal enclosures.
  • Many Sizes and Configurations. For small industrial applications to ultra-large automotive or equipment finishing processes, spray booths range from single-worker portable stations to drive-through booths, and are available in cross-draft, semi down draft, side down draft and full down draft designs. In addition, optional design features (such as view windows, conveyor openings and crane slots) and custom dimensions are available.
  • Energy Savings. Many paint spray booths recirculate clean, tempered air back into the shop, saving on costs of heating and cooling. (See our DustSpot Energy Savings Calculator to estimate annual energy savings for re-circulating filtered air.)
  • The Industrial Clean Air Network exists to help industries and commercial interests throughout North America find local access to quality air services. ICAN™ Distributors sell, install, and service dust collectors, air cleaners, mist units, fume extractors, vehicle exhaust systems, and other industrial ventilation products. Each ICAN™ member is an independent distributor who represents various manufacturers, offers personal service, and individually guarantees air quality satisfaction to every customer. ICAN™ Distributors provide industrial air filtration equipment throughout the contiguous United States, Canada, and Mexico.