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Electrostatic Precipitators

ICAN™ Project Photos:

Electronic air cleaner collects CNC mist/smoke.

Electronic air cleaner collects CNC mist/smoke.

Electronic air cleaner collects oil mist/smoke.

Electronic air cleaner collects oil mist/smoke.

Electronic air cleaner collects oil smoke.

Electronic air cleaner collects oil smoke.

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Uses of Electrostatic Precipitators

Outstanding Efficiency for the Collection of Mist & Very Fine Smoke. Electrostatic precipitators (ESPs), also known as electrostatic collectors or electronic air cleaners, provide highly energy efficient collection of sub-micron particles of mist and smoke. All electrostatic precipitators ionize the particles, that is, give them an electrical charge, which then allows the particles to be collected on electroplates. The air flows freely through the air cleaner, requiring low fan pressure, and ongoing energy costs are therefore low. Typically, electrostatic collectors include washable pre-filters to collect larger contaminants, allowing the finer particles to pass into the high-efficiency electronic filter modules.

Types of contaminants collected by electrostatic precipitators include smoke, fume, and oil / coolant smoke and mist; electrostatic precipitators do an especially effective job of collecting very fine, HEPA-sized particles.

Industrial processes that benefit from the use of electrostatic precipitators / electronic air cleaners include a wide variety of operations such as machining, wire drawing, roll mill operations, cold forging, CNCs, and aluminum die-casting.

Advantages of Electrostatic Precipitators

  • Very High Efficiency for Very Fine Particulate. Electrostatic precipitators feature ongoing low energy costs and offer excellent performance in collecting fine mist and smoke as long as the company is committed to doing the regular maintenance necessary to keep the units cleaned of accumulated dust.
  • Low Operating Cost. In addition to low energy costs, electrostatic precipitators do not have filters to be replaced. Leading models feature washable pre-filters, ionizers, and collector plates. Furthermore, electrostatic precipitators or electronic cleaners re-circulate the filtered air, saving on the cost of heating or cooling replacement air when exhausting contaminants.
  • Flexibility. Electrostatic air cleaners may be either free-hanging to filter the ambient air or ducted for source capture of mist, smoke, or fume.

What to Look For In an Electrostatic Precipitator

  • Rugged, maintenance-free ionizer and collector elements.
  • Washable Pre-Filters.
  • Totally enclosed fan/blower.
  • Tool-free access for maintenance.
  • Double-pass option for added efficiency.
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