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Commercial Media Units

ICAN™ Project Photos:

Above-ceiling air cleaner removes odor from break room.

Above-ceiling air cleaner removes odor from break room.

Ambient air cleaner filters air in office.

Ambient air cleaner filters air in office.

Ambient air cleaner filters cigarette smoke.

Ambient air cleaner filters cigarette smoke.

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Every member distributor of the Industrial Clean Air Network offers a complete selection of commercial air cleaners. Please ask your regional supplier about the product lines offered.

Even if a specific product is not available, your supplier may still be able to assist you with the needed service, or provide a comparable or even upgraded system.

Uses of Commercial Air Cleaners

Air Purification for Offices, Restaurants and Other Facilities. Commercial media air cleaners are self-contained box units integrating an ultra-quiet fan and multi-stage filtration to promote comfort and health in business environments and public facilities by removing smoke, odors, dust, and dirt from the air. Washable pre-filters remove dust and larger particles, and the main box filter provides ultra-high efficiency filtration to remove smoke, dust, bacteria, and other sub-micron size particles from the air. Optional HEPA after-filters achieve up to 99.97 efficiency, and many commercial air cleaners also include a third stage composed of a charcoal filter to trap odors and gases. The units typically achieve excellent air flow with minimum noise level and are mounted out of sight above the ceiling.

Types of contaminants collected by commercial media filter units include dust, dirt, fumes, lint, odor, pollen, bacteria, and tobacco smoke.

Business and public facilities that benefit from the use of commercial air cleaners include offices, laboratories, restaurants, entertainment and hospitality rooms, auditoriums, computer rooms, break rooms, rest rooms, light industrial shops, and residences.

Advantages of Commercial Air Cleaners

  • Low Visibility / Low Noise. Commercial air cleaners are most often mounted above the ceiling and operate at noise levels as low as 42 dBA.
  • User-Friendly, Low Maintenance. Disposable filters are typically quick to access and easy to replace when necessary.
  • Ultra-Efficiency Multi-Stage Filter System. By combining a pre-filter, main high-efficiency filter, optional HEPA after-filters and charcoal filters, commercial air cleaners purify the air of submicron particulates, smoke, and odor.
  • The Industrial Clean Air Network exists to help industries and commercial interests throughout North America find local access to quality air services. ICAN™ Distributors sell, install, and service dust collectors, air cleaners, mist units, fume extractors, vehicle exhaust systems, and other industrial ventilation products. Each ICAN™ member is an independent distributor who represents various manufacturers, offers personal service, and individually guarantees air quality satisfaction to every customer. ICAN™ Distributors provide industrial air filtration equipment throughout the contiguous United States, Canada, and Mexico.