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Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Hose Drops, Reels and Other Equipment for the Removal of Exhaust Fumes

Learn about the vehicle exhaust removal systems that capture exhaust fumes from all types of vehicles, including both gas engines and diesel engines. Vehicle exhaust systems remove harmful fumes to insure optimal air quality in maintenance and repair facilities for automobiles, trucks, and heavy equipment, as well as in firehouses. Available equipment includes overhead systems, underground exhaust systems, and portable exhaust removal systems. Firehouse needs require specialized equipment for emergency vehicles, including a quick-release system to facilitate rapid exit of the vehicles.

Selection of vehicle exhaust fume extraction equipment takes into account the following important objectives:

  • Complete removal of harmful exhaust emissions.
  • Space considerations: multiple bays require service from exhaust systems without obstructing the work space or the movement of vehicles in and out of the facility.
  • Ease of operation: exhaust removal equipment should be easy to access, engage, and return to stored position. In addition emergency vehicle exhaust systems must provide a reliable quick-release feature.