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Wet Dust Collectors

ICAN™ Project Photos:

Wet collectors remove aluminum grinding dust.

Wet collectors remove aluminum grinding dust.

Wet dust collector collects aluminum dust from belt sander.

Wet dust collector collects aluminum dust from belt sander.

Wet collector downdraft table collects titanium dust.

Wet collector downdraft table collects titanium dust.

Wet dust collector booth collects aluminum dust.

Wet dust control booth collects aluminum dust.

Wet dust collector control booth collects titanium dust.

Wet dust collector booth collects titanium dust.

Application photos are used by permission of members of the Industrial Clean Air Network and are copyrighted by their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Every member distributor of the Industrial Clean Air Network offers a complete selection of industrial dust collectors. Please ask your regional supplier about the product lines offered.

Even if a specific product is not available, your supplier may still be able to assist you with the needed service, or provide a comparable or even upgraded system.

Uses of Wet Dust Collectors

Safe Dust Collection for Potentially Combustible or Explosive Materials. Wet dust collection systems utilize a turbulent water bath to capture volatile dust generated from industrial processes such as grinding, buffing, and polishing on aluminum and titanium.

Types of dust collected by wet dust collectors include metals that generate combustible dusts such as aluminum, alkali metals, magnesium, tantalum, titanium, zirconium, or mixed metals. A wet dust collector can also provide safe collection for heavy sparking operations.

Industrial processes that benefit from the use of wet dust collectors include machining, sawing, grinding, buffing, and polishing on metals or metal alloys, producing combustible powder or dust, as well as operations that create heavy sparks, such as the cutting, grinding, air arcing, and gouging of various types of steel.

Advantages of Wet Dust Collectors

  • Compliant with OSHA and NFPA standards. Wet dust collectors meet the National Fire Protection Association guidelines for processing and finishing aluminum, as well as OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust removal systems located inside buildings.
  • Re-circulation of air for energy savings. Wet dust collectors typically provide significant cost savings by cleaning and re-circulating heated and cooled air rather than exhausting it. (See our DustSpot Energy Savings Calculator to estimate annual energy savings for re-circulating filtered air.)
  • Choice of ducted collector, downdraft table or booth. Wet collectors are available in a broad range of sizes and CFM as ducted collectors, single or double (back-to-back) downdraft tables and dust collection booths. Stainless steel construction and custom design is also available.
  • How a Water-type Filter Works

    Wet dust collectors purify air by a combination of centrifugal force and violent mixing of water and contaminated air. As the air stream passes the fixed baffles, particulate is separated by heavy, turbulent curtain of water created by high velocity air. The centrifugal force caused by the rapid changes in airflow direction forces the dust particles to penetrate the water droplets and become entrapped. Contaminated water is then removed from the airstream by special mist filters. Dust, as sludge, settles to the collector bottom and the water is reused.

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