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Source Capture Equipment

Extractor Arms, Portable Dust Collectors and Other Systems

Learn about the equipment that improves comfort and productivity by removing dust, smoke, and mist from the industrial worker's breathing zone and line of vision. Source capture systems are designed to "grab" contaminants immediately at the point where they are generated, but types of equipment vary in whether and how they then filter the collected dust, smoke and / or mist. Dust collectors or mist collectors are often integrated with source capture hoods and may utilize cartridge filters or a range of media filters, depending on the amount and type of contaminants generated.

Why not rely primarily on ambient air filtration systems? Why utilize source capture equipment?

  • The quickest and most effective way to collect dust and other contaminants is to capture the bulk of it as it is generated before it can escape and migrate throughout the shop or plant. Source capture systems filter only a fraction of the indoor air, as compared to ambient air cleaners which provide whole-room air filtration; therefore, even with a higher velocity, source capture systems often operate at a lower overall cost of operation than that of ambient air cleaning systems.
  • By removing irritants and clearing the field of vision, source capture equipment eases the task of the worker, thereby enhancing productivity as well as comfort and health.
  • When there are multiple operations within a single industrial shop, source capture systems can be integrated together in a central system or even be combined with whole-room filtration to provide maximum comfort, health, and productivity of the work environment.