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Industrial Air Cleaners

Air Filter Units for Industrial & Commercial Facilities

Learn about air filtration units that improve the indoor air quality in industrial and commercial settings by capturing fine, airborne dust, smoke, mist, fume and odors.

How is an air cleaner different from a dust collector? While a dust collector includes a built-in filter-cleaning system and a dust receptacle or removal system for keeping up with heavy dust loads, air cleaners are designed specifically for fine dust and particulate, depositing it onto disposable filters.

When used to filter the ambient air in a facility, the number of free-hanging air cleaners needed is determined by the amount and type of contaminant generated and the size of the room. The optimal number of air cleaners are then strategically positioned so that an air flow pattern is established to move the dirty air toward the filters, thus providing regular whole room air exchange and filtration.

In addition to being used as free-hanging units to clean the ambient air, air cleaners may also be equipped with extractor arms or ducted to custom hoods or robotic cells for very effective source capture of fine dust and smoke.

Recycling the Filtered Air. Industrial and commercial air cleaners and mist collectors filter the contaminants and return the clean, tempered air to the shop or facility, thus saving on heating and cooling costs. (Use the DustSpot Energy Savings Calculator to estimate cost savings of recirculating filtered air in your plant or shop.)